Our story so far......

Oishi Sushi story is quite an interesting one. It was conceptualized and created by our visionary owner who already had a past history with Japan, having been in the “Land of the Rising Sun” for nearly a decade along with her family and had fallen in love with the Japanese culture and cuisine.

When she came back to Qatar she realized that there were no place that served authentic Japanese food which she had so loved and that was when the idea of having a restaurant that serves all the various Japanese foods be it Teppenyaki, Soba, Domburi, Sushi, Sashimi to Temaki, Teriyaki and Katsu was conceived and set the ball rolling. It was a match made in heaven

Right from its inception, the impetus has always been on delivering quality authentic Japanese food with the best ingredients.

The ingredients used in our restaurant is a meticulously studied and tested mix of the local produce with certain elements specifically shipped in from various prefectures in Japan thereby achieving the sushi true to its name of Oishi Sushi which literally translates to “Delicious Sushi” in Japanese.


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